Sunday, January 27, 2013

Alpha Blog: All Done

Alpha Blog started with inspiration from Grannymar. Grannymar contains random blogs with an alphabetical theme in her regular quirky blog. I read one of those blogs and instantly a solution to my problem of lethargy and lack of ideas became apparent. The alphabet itself, the building blocks of words, the essence of thoughts rejuvenated my blog.

Thank you Grannymar.

During the past three and a half months I have, sometimes seriously and often whimsically, expounded on a word or group of words for my blog posts. A writer’s task is to transmit ideas in a clear way; the writer’s goal is to express the essence of a story, experience, or idea in such a way that the reader will leave with a sense of awe and understanding, and want to return for more. My goal has been to transmit ideas to my readers and for myself.

There is an axiom in writing extolling the author to write for his or her audience. I don’t have a dream that I will be come rich, famous or perhaps even published in print but writing is an activity of expression that makes me feel good. I have exceeded my goal if some of my readers have enjoyed my blog.

My original plan for this wrap-up Alpha Blog post intended to reflect on some of the specific posts and highlight key or interesting ideas. But that is redundant since the archives contain the entire list. Some of the posts came easier than others, several were unique, several were stolen ideas, and the mythical behavior and town of “malarkey” inspired one blog.

The reflection of the Alpha Blog would be followed by announcement of my plans for future blogs. Perhaps it would be a new series or just continuation of my ramblings as a certified old geezer. Since I don’t have a crystal ball, a deadline to meet or a publisher to satisfy my plans for the future are less structured and yet to be completely formulated.

As mentioned in C for Comics, Change occurs. This blog will undergo a change in appearance once again. Recently I found and read the blog Zenhabits and I want review Leo Babauta’s work before saying how my blog will look and what I will say. His blog opened my mind to other possibilities of thought and style. Zenhabits is another source of inspiration. I have mentioned Zen thought in several of my past blogs and have a personal interest in Zen thought and Buddhism in general. My unfinished novel revolves around the experiences of a Westerner in Thailand and Laos during the 1960s and my research into Buddhism for this book was more than academic, it has influenced my day-to-day thought process.

The Alpha Blog series achieved its goals; I continued to write and reflect on the world from my vantage point (65 and Alive). 65 and Alive will continue unchanged for the short term. Change happens, and yet many constants remain. I still will be Warren, I will not transform to another person (smarter, younger, skinnier or faster).

Change is work. And I love working and writing.

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  1. Thank you,Warren, you flatter me. I am always amazed when readers find inspiration at my blog.

  2. Warren you are now on my blog roll.