Sunday, January 20, 2013

C: Change or Comic

Midway through my Alpha-blog series I thought would write about Change when the letter C’s time arrived.  Change is one of life's constants.  Things, feelings, people, technology, politics, religion, in fact almost everything changes.

Change is the foundation for personal growth or decay.  Change is a basic tenet of the Buddhist religion.  I believe in Change.  Years ago my eggs had to be cooked over easy, to the point of being almost raw; now the eggs need to be cooked hard.  Pepper steak and shrimp with lobster sauce were my favorites; now neither is eaten.  I loved the beef and did not care for the peppers, now I dislike beef and love peppers.

I used to be concerned and interested in politics; but now I am rather ambivalent.  I don’t believe most of what politicians say or like how they act.  Years ago country life had a certain appeal; my wife would often comment that I would prefer a rural home over city life; now I day dream about living in a revitalized center city downtown.  But inertia keeps me in my home.  Comfort.

As the time for the letter C blog approached I changed my mind on Change.  I actually am fairly static, and reluctant to change.  One of my regular routines (constant) is reading the comics in the morning.

During the week I scan the headlines, drink coffee and then when I am alert and ready I turn my attention to the comic pages in the local newspaper.  I don’t care for the stories that go one for weeks and need to be followed.  The single panel comics are the best, followed by the three or four panels that end in a punch-line.  I like animals and children.  And whimsical characters posses an appeal that I cannot resist.  Simpler is better.

Those concise panels evoke a truth, a belief, a hint at the real meaning of what people do and why they act in certain ways.  It is basic life-philosophy for the average Joe.  Once or twice a week I will bring one such insight to my wife’s attention and share a universal truth with her.  If she chuckles or smiles I know I have passed on something great.  There have been times when her eyes squint and her head shakes with disbelief at my claim of enlightenment.  Perhaps I am confused over my interpretation of the meaning or clarity of that morning's comic.  Maybe she is not conscious yet.  After all I already consumed my second cup of caffeinated coffee.

A purist might tell me that Comics are the standalone books and what I read are Cartoons.  Call me crazy, but they are the Comics to me.  Confusing.

I will conclude with a few recent examples and links to comics that I find interesting without additional comments.

XKCD  A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language.  

Raeside Cartoons - Editorial Cartoons and Comic Strips

Flying McCoys - Glen and Gary McCoy


Zits - Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman

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