Thursday, January 24, 2013

B: Beginning of the End

I endeavored long and hard (not really, just 15 minutes) about the best B word to pontifcate as the end of the Alpha-blog series approaches. A novel idea appeared in a vision; just as the series started off with the letter Z, the series will end with a different slant. There are sufficient words that begin with B and this blog will not belittle any of those beautiful words but I must end the series with a word that ends with the letter B.

Or close to the end since A remains to be addressed.

Once again, Google is my knowledgeable benefactor. Enter “words ending with B” and hit the search key and behold, bountiful lists appear. Gosh Google you’re great. I now stare at a list of five to eight letter words ending with B, about 250 to be almost exact. Be careful of what you ask for. Reading the list is a confusing medley of words ending with the BUH sound.

My task is to review many strange words and find some meaning, essence or truth to reveal to the Blogosphere. I read through a page of perfectly wonderful words that end in B, and then search the dictionary for definitions of several strange ones. Aldcarb, hecatomb, sillibub, coulomb and baobab are a few that I eliminate rather quickly. Then in the group of seven-letter words a bright gemstone appears.

Proverb. Brilliant, blazing and biblical.

Proverbs, the bible’s reference source for one-liners.

“Smite me down.”
Act of being Smitten Down

The dictionary defines proverb as a short popular saying that expresses some truth or useful thought. Sometimes the proverb is quoted as spoken by some famous religious, historical or fictional person. Fictional characters don’t really exist so why do we give them credit? And often credit is given to Anonymous. My effort in this blog is to pass on some truth or insight from my not so famous or important position.

Perhaps I have passed on some truths in the many words that flowed from my keyboard to the screen. But I know I have failed miserably to actually create proverbs, or even a single one. Brevity is not my strong suit; in fact I have been excessively verbose more often than not. It seems that I have bombed out on creating proverbs because I tend to ramble. Rambling is the process of going on and on while trying to make a pronouncement of some truth or elicit a piece of knowledge that has escaped your understanding and you are too embarrassed or stubborn or narcissistic to acknowledge. (There you have a 40 word definition of proverb that defines this blogger). Rambling is a variation of spin, as practiced by politicians. Purposely twisting, reversing or hiding the truth behind verbosity, diversion and ridicule for nefarious reasons.

Kudos to verBose: The life blood of some bloggers and most politicians.

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  1. I'll not smite you down, it is better for you to wear out than rust out. ;)

  2. I have a mind of steel but it is rusted shut.