Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Four months ago I printed an article titled, “Why Writers Are the Worst Procrastinators.”  I glanced at it and thought it would make an interesting blog.  Then I pushed it aside and eventually other articles and papers got piled on top of it. 

I just started five consecutive days off with anticipation of good personal time with my wife, a few hobby projects and some volunteer time.  Today we made a brief shopping trip then we enjoyed lunch out and an afternoon movie.  When we arrived home I opened the mail, paid a bill and stared at my cluttered desk.

I work best (or least I think I do) with a relatively clean desk.  At 4:30 p.m. I cleared my desk contrary to the habits of many other writers.  This entailed throwing a few things out, neatly arrange my carry-around items that end up each day on my desk, file a few important papers and look at printed items of interest dumped on the right side of my desk.  One task placed several of my pieces of flash fiction into a notebook. 

Then I saw two articles I intended to read and use for future blog inspiration.  I read the procrastination article, decided it didn’t pertain to me and tossed it into the garbage.  Then I read the other article about the “Good Old Days.”  Another shock, it too went into the garbage. 

The essence of the “Good Old Days” turned out to be a rambling recollection of the writer’s experiences.  But I think it implied that right now is the “Good Old Days.”  It rings true for me; I have a good almost full-time job with plenty of time off, and several hobbies that fill time while filling me with personal pleasure.  I have a Facebook page of photos, a growing notebook of flash fiction, and other activities that more than fill time.  They prod me to learn more and be creative.  My second novel is almost done, an idea is floating around about a third, a friend introduced me to stone sculpting, and I attempting to revive my blog.  My son wants me to use twitter to promote my blog and Facebook photos. 

Inspiration for next hobby
So many ideas, so little time.  Got to check my meter: just used 45 minutes.


Sunday, March 2, 2014

Even though I am working less (for a living), I also seem to be working less on the blog.  Instead my efforts are put into the next novel (one in editing now and one in embryonic stage), and doodles.

Here is a doodle.

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