Sunday, October 7, 2012

Y is for Yesterday

Research, research, and more research is a good admonition for any academic project.  I had intended to interject a few serious topics into the Alphabet Soup Series but that proved to be difficult for my second Alpha-blog (newly invented word) using the letter "Y" as inspiration.  An article on yams started my research and to my delight I found a 13 page entry on yams in Wikipedia.  Thirteen pages and now I can emphatically state, “Yams are not sweet potatoes!”

Next, I reviewed a brief list of Y words for thought.  Yo Yo, yodel, yell, and yogurt quickly destroyed any pretension of writing a serious blog.  “Yogurt is yummy in Yuma,” rattled in my head and onto this page.  Sounds like a Dr. Seuss story I might have read to my children years ago.

Earlier this week the much heralded Presidential Debates began.  Yammering yutzes.  A least there was no yelling or yellow journalism on air.  I watched the whole debate and uncovered the “Yin and Yang” of the entire proceedings.

Note Ties and Haircuts!
 Each said, “You are wrong and I am right.  I’ll solve the problem and you won’t.”  Wait a minute they proclaimed the same thoughts.  Oh, now I remember the “Yin and Yang” essence of the night: one wore a red tie and the other a blue tie.  Funny that I didn’t hear the talking heads mention ties; was I the only one who noticed this manifestation of “Yin and Yang?”  How else are we going to tell the candidates apart?  Certainly not the hair cuts.

Real salesmanship comes from wearing the right power tie when you ask for the order.  Years ago the fashion mavens made the yellow tie the power tie.  My yellow tie is a power magnet for food stains, especially salsa.  Years of wear transformed my yellow power tie into a review of my business lunches.  Thank goodness that my current job doesn’t require power ties or ties at all.  I’ll have to find that tie and retire it (aka take to Goodwill).

YELLOW Submarine
In 1965 the Beatles produced “Yesterday” which went on to be one of their top hits and according to Wikipedia over two thousand versions of it has been recorded.  It was popular while I was stationed in Thailand and I really never listened to the song when it was first released.  For me this song will always be an oldie but goodie that I still enjoy whenever I hear it.  If you substitute Life for Love in the fourth stanza it is a wonderful commentary on life as I look back on my life and look forward to what will be. 

We can’t go back but we can remember the good times and try to recreate those in a mature manner.  I don’t need to ride a motorcycle again but I can enjoy safe ways to feel the air rush through my hair.  It may be through a walk in the park, a ride on my bicycle or the feel of the sea breeze when we stand on an ocean pier.  I don’t need to ride the roller coaster five times in succession like I did once at Coney Island but I can wander through Sea World or Six Flags and absorb the sights and sounds of children reliving similar events in real-time today.

We should cherish the ones we love now and hold the memories of the ones long gone in our hearts.

I do believe in Yesterday.

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  1. I have juggled my alphabet each week and the letter Y is still in the pot waiting for inspiration to strike. You seem to be enjoying this challenge and I look forward to how you deal with the next letter.

  2. I really like your alphabet soap articles. What letter is next?

  3. The next letter is .... Come back later this week.