Tuesday, October 23, 2012

T is for Treatment

Men are notorious for not taking care of themselves. Or at least that is a belief that is commonly held. Supposedly, women take better medical care of themselves than men. I’ll grant that widespread belief is probably true. I could google up the numbers, find sources with the reasons but I am conceding that point (after all it is the debate season). Score one for women, zero for men.

Men like football, men play cards, men skip medical screenings and men don’t ask for directions. Email me you favorite tasks that men don’t do. Dishes, floors, laundry, cook, and change diapers could be added to the list of “Not Done.” There are lists and websites full of quotes and things that real men don’t do. Some are funny, others realistic observations and sadly some are true in the worse sense. Search them out and make your own judgment.

Pundit's claims and statistics are not a reason for certain behaviors, human nature is the cause. Men you know who you are and your women know you better than you think. I have been suffering from allergies lately and that in turn has affected my normally under control asthma. I think I can diagnose my asthma condition from the effort of my walks better than a doctor listening to my chest. But even when you think you know what is going on and how you are doing you could be wrong.

For about a week or two recently I have been suffering sporadically with allergies and using my normal anti-histamines to tame the beast. And I have had some success. I would stop and a few days later the symptoms would reappear. That process caused my asthma to flare up beyond control of my prescription emergency medication.

I shortened a recent Saturday walk because I just ran out of steam. No gas in the tank. I skipped the next day because of bad weather (see Blog V and U). That night my wife told me I sounded like a freight train in bed and she didn’t mean it amorously. Deep down I knew she was right but decided to wait one more day before seeking relief. Monday passed, followed by another freight train night. Tuesday morning found me in an urgent care clinic getting a steroid shot, a nebulizer treatment and several prescriptions to get me on the mend.

Treatment on terrible Tuesday turned Thursday into a terrific time at the track (not really – just a mile slowly) to test the turn-around of my terrible tenure as a testament of the timidity of men in seeking treatment and directions (not a T word but on Target). All the Ts do for me is telegraph a desire for Thai food. Or tacos, tamales, tortillas, or anything at the Tip-Top restaurant in San Antonio.

Men, take note of your self apprasial (it's wrong just ask your spouse or partner). 

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