Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Adventures in Downsizing

On February 10, 2013 I wrote about Downsizing in Place and promised to write about my upcoming first baby step. Last Sunday, my sons came over to help clean the garage and organize items for the garage sale.

To be honest my oldest son came over a few weeks ago to start work on his stack alone. He has about twenty boxes of comics and a few boxes of books stored in the garage for several years (all of came from his last move and not left when he moved out over 15 years ago). A few of the comic boxes needed to be replaced and some of the other books consolidated. This past weekend he arrived with four new comic boxes (especially designed to store comics, with each box holding approximately 500 comics).

Blocked garage door about to be reclaimed

We started the morning with a plan and managed to stick with it without too many changes. Having a plan permitted us to work efficiently and achieve our goals. The items that would be sold were moved out onto the driveway, lightweight items that we being retained were moved to backyard patio to be out of our way, large bulky items were pushed to the front of the garage, and then we began returning stuff to their new locations. As we cleared space we were able to use the ladder to remove items stored in the rafters that were for the garage sale or trash. Other items were moved to the rafters clearing more floor space. It was musical chairs with junk.

Both boys (they’ll always be boys to me – even at 36 and 40) suggested we work until we were 90% done before breaking for breakfast. After breakfast we moved the garage sale items to the front of the garage so they will be in a good position to set out next Saturday. The garage still looks a mess, but if we manage to sell or get rid of most of the items we set aside then the garage will look good. Some of the unsold items will be trashed or donated to Goodwill, or much to my chagrin returned to the garage.

It appears that I will have space for my workbench once again, the ultimate goal for my efforts. The sale may generate enough cash for a few new tools and dinner out, a wonderful extra bonus. Or maybe a gadget for my photography hobby.

Then we relaxed and sat around the family room and visited. That was the most rewarding time of the day. My plan worked: I had time with my sons.

Mission accomplished for step one.

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  1. It was fun and I am looking to next Saturday. You should the cash to buy me food!!!

    You also had time with the dogs.

  2. I need to clear my garage. Yes I have room to garage my car each night, but the sides are rather cluttered and sorting, or dumping. I could do with a pair of strong arms for lifting. Any takers?