Friday, March 29, 2013

Welcome New Visitors

I expect that some of my visitors this week are new. Perhaps you came to my webpage because you found my story, “Monks in Taxis” at the Elder Storytelling Place. In which case you linked to me from a wonderful website; if you found me from another method I encourage you to click on the link to Elder Storytelling Place on the right margin of this website.

“Monks in Taxis” is a 98% true story. It is one of two travel of my stories published on Oriental about my military service during the 1960s. A few details were changed to match the photos I had available. The motor cycle was actually a Honda but I only had a photo of me with a BMW and the other vehicle was a bus but again I didn’t have the right photo so I utilized a different photograph from my time in Thailand. I used a famous technique called photographic license.

A few years ago when gas prices spiked near $4 per gallon (very high for gas cheap Texas) I told my wife I was thinking about buying a motor scooter for transportation to work. She promptly informed me that she would be sleeping in another bedroom to get used to life without me. Quietly, she reminded me that I couldn’t drive safely in my twenties so why would I think I could ride any better in my sixties.

It was a point well made. Needless to say, I am still driving my car and I might ride the bus if gas prices get out of hand again.

Back to my new visitors: Welcome to my reflections on life. I suggest you randomly select and read a few of the blogs from my archives listing. I hope you enjoy my take on life as a working senior.

Come back next week for further adventures on Downsizing in Place. This weekend my two sons are coming over to help clean the garage (much of the junk belongs to them) and prepare for an upcoming garage sale. I need to reclaim space in the garage for my workbench and delayed projects. And make space for my junk and new tools.

Soon after this downsizing adventure I will be participating in the Texas Senior Games in the 5K Road Race. In my case the correct name is 5K Road Shuffle, as I find it dangerous to lift both feet off the ground at the same time in order to run. But I can shuffle fairly fast. Last year I signed up for the 5K Race Walk event only to discover Race Walking has rules to follow. So I opted out and participated in the 5K Road Race (no rules – except to finish). Even without rules I may have cheated by having my forty-year old niece pace me while I shuffled along. And again this year she has promised to run / shuffle along with me.

2012 Texas Senior Olympics

Gods know I need as much help as I can get. And that is my point. We all need help.

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1 comment:

  1. But a lot of the stuff you are selling at the garage sale is your crap!!!

    My wife and I are using the garage to store stuff since we don't have the room.