Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Continuing Saga of Downsizing-in-Place

I can see my garage!

My garage sale last week achieved a level of success that even surprised me. Downsizing-in-Place (DIP) is progressing nicely for now. A modest amount stuff was sold. Bargains were had by the visitors. One man’s junk is another person’s treasure. Recycling of junk occurred; items that were taking up space and gathering dust in my house now have a new purpose and home.

A few items were sold for less than a dollar, yes I made change. A few items moved for a few dollars and several items were sold for a relatively high price (for a garage sale). An item or two that I thought would sell cheaply got no takers. There were several brand new hunting and fishing knives that I refused to sell cheap and as such only three were sold and three remain in my possession. I gave away one beat up old knife to the buyer of two expensive knives.

Near the end of afternoon I triaged the remaining junk and made decisions about the final resting place (sounds like a funeral term). My original plan guided me well: sell, trash, keep and give away.

Without regret we trashed some of the remaining items. I boxed them up and moved a modest amount of my garage sale merchandise into the garage and found new storage space for it, after that we filled my wife’s car with the useable merchandise and drove to the donation station at St. Matthew’s Church. Hopefully, the donated items will fill some use for a needy person or family. A few heavy items were left on the curb and by Monday morning they all disappeared, some people can’t pass up free junk.

Garage Before
Garage After (almost ready for auto)
Area for Work Bench

Space for Work Bench (almost ready)

Mission accomplished. I can see the garage floor now, get at my cabinets and have a home for my workbench for future projects. As a side benefit I gave my son and sister-in-law a small amount of the proceeds of the day and added some cash to my personal stash for gadgets. As I have said several times previously, “A guy needs his gadgets.”

Soon I will return the workbench to its preferred location and clean up the two remaining cabinets of my tools, parts, pieces of parts, and future project materials. That should be the last piece to the DIP of my garage. But next weekend I promised my wife we would spend some time together during the day (not on a photographic jaunt). A short out-of town trip for lunch to one of our favorite restaurants is in order, if the weather remains pleasant as forecast.

Then she reminded me she has a twelve thirty Sisterhood meeting on Sunday. Maybe Saturday we’ll have that day together. Sunday we will enjoy a late breakfast out together and I will take her to the meeting, go on a photo-jaunt and then pick her up. Final restoration of the garage in the DIP will have to wait (no tears shed about that procrastination).

The next task is to prevent the accumulation of more possessions that ultimately need to be sold, trashed or given away. Achieving that goal is a mystery that most homeowners face routinely.

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  1. Yesterday I filled a couple of bags loads and delivered them to a friend for a car boot sale in aid of charity. Today I filled a box to go to recycling and another to be dumped. It does feel good to see floor space again.

  2. I hope my "inspiration" didn't cause too much "perspiration."

  3. I have a rule: something must go out for each item that comes in. Sure keeps me from buying stuff. You, however, seem to need the mantra that TWO things need to go out before you bring ONE new item into the house. BTW, a garage is for the car, or in our case, two cars.

  4. Surprisingly enough our house is in great order without lots of clutter or excess. Much of the stuff in the garage were my sons' which we allowed (can a mother or father say no?)to find a home. It wasn't the boys' stuff left here it was items they gathered on their own. Both have small homes and they too like to keep things neat.

  5. Here's my post on our garage. Hope you've gotten yours all cleaned out and able to park your cars in it again.