Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Siclovia San Antonio

On Sunday Broadway Street from Mulberry Street to Alamo Plaza was closed to vehicular traffic from 10 am to 3 pm to allow 75,000 San Antonians to walk, ride, stroll or bike the 6-mile route for its semi-annual Siclovia event.  I arrived with my bike and camera around ten am at the middle of the route.  (Pronounced sic-lo-via)

Even at that early hour and after a overnight heavy rain downpour many thousands of people were already enjoying the event.  At my starting point I looked for someone I was supposed to meet.  Couldn’t find them, but meet a few others I knew.  After a quick schmooze I checked out a few health vendor booths, got two T-shirts, a bag and a water bottle, before pedaling south towards the Alamo.

My trek was a slow easy ride with increasing crowds as I approached the Alamo.  The sounds at the Alamo were amazing.  Vendors galore, people milling about and a buzz in the air of excitement.   Having your picture taken in front of the Alamo is a popular tourist and resident’s activity that I didn’t decline.  At this time I am waiting for the on-line photo to be posted.  At the Alamo I took the opportunity get free air for my bike.


I didn’t stay long before I turned around and rode north towards my starting spot and beyond.  I stopped to enjoy the San Antonio Youth Symphony performing at a street corner.  Rode past “bubble artists.”  Waved at strangers and just goofed along.

At the mid-point I stopped again to check for my missing companion, still missing.  To be honest it was a person that I had only spoken to on the phone and I had no idea what they looked like.  Could have been right next to me and I wouldn’t have known.  Then I continued north with increasing crowds.  Past Ronald McDonald, the Pig Stand, a rock climbing tower and Larry’s Lop-cycle.   

Larry's "Lop-cycle." Note rear wheel hub location.

The Siclovia event ended at Brackenridge Park with numerous booths, refreshments, water and crowds.

Booth at Brackenridge Park, with water, bananas, apples and more

At one point I glanced at my watch and realized how long I had been out and proceeded to call my wife.

“Honey, I am having too much fun and I might leave in another hour.”

It turned to be more like ninety minutes, but when having a good time there is no reason to quit too soon. 
Me at the Alamo

See the entire slide show on my webpage of my 12-mile Siclovia day. 

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