Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Almost Fall

Day Out in Comfort Texas

Hot San Antonio and south Texas days are just now starting to reduce its brutal affect on outdoor activities.  There still may be a few scattered high ninety degree days ahead, but the day-after-day run of extremely hot temperatures is probably over.  By northern standards high eighties can seem summer-like but to the residents of south Texas eighty degree days are almost balmy.  Fall or what equates to fall is soon approaching.  No change in the trees or frosty mornings but a sub sixty degree morning is almost as good.  Only a few areas of south Texas enjoy colorful foliage during late fall so the abatement of the heat is the signal that fall is near.  Winter is only a few weeks in late January and February, and it usually only results in rain not daytime freezing temperatures.

Last Saturday my wife, her sister and I ventured forty miles north of San Antonio to one of Texas’ little known gems.  The German Freethinkers who founded Comfort in1854 embraced the democratic values of their new homeland.  Comfort Texas is unique in the south because many of its original settlers remained loyal to the Union during the Civil War and as a result thirty-five soldiers from Comfort were massacred during an ambush as they tried to get to Mexico during the war.  

We drove to an outdoor art show in nearby Comfort Texas.  Today Comfort’s old historical district is home to a small number unique shops and restaurants.  We walked a block or two and had a wonderful lunch at High’s CafĂ© and Store.  My wife and her sister enjoyed an extra cup of coffee and dessert while I wandered around taking photographs and adding to my Faces collection.

Old Bank is now the Comfort Heritage Foundation

Old gas station now a Pizzeria, Ice Cream Shoppe and Bicycle Rental

Celebrating arrival of Fall

Combination Meat Market, Tavern and Music Venue


Antique Shops

Metal Insect

Art by Al Roche


Just an interesting comment on life

No earth shaking thoughts or revelations, just an enjoyable afternoon after a long, hot summer.  Life can be enjoyed in small bite-sized pieces.  Served cool (or almost cool).

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