Friday, September 14, 2012

Walk the Walk

Update on Wednesday, September 19.  Walk combined with another Alzheimer's Event at at different location for September 22.  I have to think about going.

On Saturday, September 15th, I will be participating in the Alzheimer's Race to Remember at Olmos Park. This is the first timed event I have run in several months. True to my normal routine I have not trained particularly hard for this event, other than my normal weekday walks on the treadmill and weekends in the park. My park walks have included at least three 5K shuffles in the past several weeks. My solo times are good and I am confident that with a group I’ll be able to finish in 42 minutes. Perhaps even faster.

That time goal is not my criteria for a successful walk. My criterion is to maintain a decent pace and finish without undue difficulty and pain so that I will feel good about continuing to sign up for future events. I want to repeat my efforts. I want to expand my weekly walks to include more group events in the future. It is easy to write a check; it takes a bit more effort to write the check and walk-the-walk. Effort is a small sign of dedication to an idea. Be a doer, not merely a check writer.

On December 1st there is a local charity run sponsored by the BISH Foundation (an organization whose efforts are towards fighting cancer); the first 1500 registrants will receive a Santa Claus suit to don for the walk. That is better than running in your birthday suit or one of the underwear runs (no one wants to see me in either condition). Getting a Santa suit is an incentive that is hard to resist. Since I’ll be on vacation I’ll try to see if I can register and get someone to pickup my suit. At least I’ll have the suit.

Back to Saturday, I am hoping to participate to help raise awareness about Alzheimer's Disease, find adequate treatments and eventually a cure. Each step I and others take will move medical science in that direction. For Saturday I have a purpose other than myself.

1:00 PM update Friday.  Iris picked run package.  My number is 1090.  Shirt size L, looks good she says.

4:45 PM update Friday.  5K cancelled due to flooding from recent rains.  Rescheduled for September 22.  More later.

10:30 AM update Saturday.  2.5 miles in local park, muddy in spots.  Cool weather for a change.

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  1. And while you are walking tomorrow, I will be...oh crap...I forgot!!!

    No, I will be sleeping!

    Do let us know how it goes.

  2. How what goes? Bad humor.

    Hope the weather holds up, rain in forecast and that area tends to flood. Name of run location - Olmos Basin Park, basin collects water.

  3. Hope all went well on your weekend walk! And thanks for stopping by sightingsat60. I like Dave Bernard's blog as well. He and I both contribute to the US News Finance "On Retirement" site -- and he invariably offers good practical advice.