Monday, September 3, 2012

Live Late Night Show

One of several walls filled with posters from various previous shows
Last Friday evening my wife and I went to Luna Live, the only smoke-free music venue in San Antonio, to enjoy a late night out after dinner with our friends.  As usual, our dinner group passed on our after dinner plans and so we went alone.  For the past five or six years we’ve been enjoying occasional late night outings at Luna Live.  Often we go alone but at times we have cajoled several friends (not our dinner crowd) to join us.
About two months ago we got an email notice from the club (yes, we are on the Luna’s mailing list) Soul Track Mind would be performing the last Friday in August.  We seen this group twice before and really enjoy them.  Soul Track Mind is an Austin-based group that seems to be a cross between Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, Jimmy Hendrix, a number of artists that neither Iris nor I know, and a jack rabbit.  They put on a hard-driving show combing rock, R and B, and funk that kept the crowd singing along and dancing all night.  I usually enjoy more classic rock and modern jazz while Iris favors swing type music of the 40’s through easy rock of the 60’s.  Soul Track Mind offers none of these genres, rather plays its own music, which is blend from a variety of inspirational origins. 
On our other visits to Luna Live we feel comfortable knowing the music, fitting in with crowd (although we might be on the older side) and leave generally pleased.  Soul Track Mind attracts a different crowd, mostly 20s and 30s, singles, couples, small groups of friends, black, white, brown, one table seemed to have a “meet up” type group because as new people arrived introductions were made to almost the entire group, and there was even a birthday party in one corner.  I noticed someone bring a piece of cake to couple at a table near us.  I didn’t walk around and take a visual census because the club was packed with more than half the crowd was standing, shoulder to shoulder; but I think I was the oldest person in the room.
We sat through almost two entire sets; we left with our ears ringing and with a lift in our step.  Combining a driving rhythm, piercing horns, melodic guitars with an almost falsetto vocalist it was a night that stirred the body, stirred the soul.  I don’t think I could listen to Soul Track Mind for fifteen minutes on the radio.  The impact emanates from the live show aspect.  LIVE.  Then I realized that the club’s name is Luna LIVE.   
Live is the heart of the experience.  Live music and lively people.  Luna is a live event, my thrust for 65 and Alive is the need to experience.  Sometimes it is hard to step out of the routine, daily mundane events and participate of life directly.  But we need to experience, to do and to participate.  We must interact with life or it will pass us by and run us over while we stand still like a deer staring at headlights.
Of course I am sitting at my computer desk pecking away at the keyboard alone.  I hear the TV in the other room and told my wife I’ll join her soon.  But I feel the urge to finish these brief thoughts before I turn in.
See you next time at Luna Live.

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  1. One of these days, Nina and I will join yall at Luna Live...but probably after football.

    Hey, you should email the club and maybe they can publish your post on the next email newsletter.

  2. Thanks for the great write up. Hope to be back down to Luna end of August but not 100% confirmed just yet. On a side note, the other venue STM plays, Sam's Burger Joint is also non-smoking.

    managing member - Soul Track Mind