Sunday, March 11, 2012

Quirky Random Thoughts

Facebook is the party-line from years ago. Everybody knows your business.

Why go to your high reunion when you could meet on Facebook with pictures from twenty years ago?

Returning soda and milk bottles for the deposit money was the original form of recycling.

Do you remember trick or treating without your parents lurking nearby?

Did you ever ride a bus as a child without an adult?

When was the last time you sent a handwritten letter or note to someone? (My 90 year Aunt still does)

Can you still go to the library and get a question answered?

Did you ever ask a young relative how to do something on your smart phone?

When I was ten my father sent me to the tobacco shop for his favorite blend, now he’d be under investigation for child abuse.

I had a scooter made from a wooden crate and old roller skate wheels as a child.

My first bike had no gears.

Do you remember round TV screens? Wasn’t the test pattern beautiful?

Oreo cookies are a 100 years old.

Remember tube testers?

Remember when the post office changed from zones to zip codes.

My favorite street in Galveston Texas is “O and ½.” Not quite P.

What is Ovaltine?

Is penmanship still taught in schools? Push/pulls?

Did you ever hitchhike or pickup a hitchkiker? Would you let your grandchildren do it?

Did you ever have your feet X-rayed at a shoe store?

The ideal apartment had cross ventilation.

Read both the morning and evening editions of the same newspaper.

I lived at home until I got married.

Sit in the balcony of a movie theater.

Feel free to comment on any of these thoughts or add your own quirky ones.

Today I am at the Crop Walk, is that like Crop Circles?

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  1. I really like this post dad! Gets you thinking?

    I have some on driving; will publish them soon on my blog.

  2. Who is this kid? And is he calling me Dad?

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