Sunday, March 25, 2012

Good News. Coffee is Good for You.

How many times have you been told to cut back on your caffeine intake or reduce the amount of stress in your life? Were you ever told to control your temper? Or to be happy, get over it. Take your vitamins. At this stage in our lives I would venture to guess that we’ve lost track of the number and just accept these axioms as fact. Senior Citizens are constantly warned about diet, exercise and general issues that seem to put unnecessary restraints on our lifestyle.

Good news, a recent Women’s Day article (9 Bad Habits) states that some of these Don’ts can actually be good for us. Halleluiah! Google the story for the complete list; it’s on the Internet and therefore true (just ask anyone under thirty for their source of information). The article lists nine bad habits with brief reasons why they may actually be good.

All these years we’ve felt guilty when we’ve either indulged or skipped them. Or have been miserable when we’ve not had that morning cup of regular, full-strength coffee on doctor’s orders. Now the good news is that caffeinated coffee is a legal, mood altering drug. We don’t have to sneak a cup on the way to work, or buy on the black market from a dealer. Three cups a day can lower depression by 15%, gives an energy boost and contains antioxidants. Healthy? Who knew? Certainly not the last batch of physicians I’ve used. My wife and I believe that coffee can act as an appetite suppressor. What more can a person ask of a drink? Is it covered by my health plan’s drug plan?

I must confess that I fell off the decaf bandwagon about two years ago. And it now feels good that my action has been vindicated. At our house we have two coffee systems: one Mister Coffee and one Keurig single cup brewer. Mister Coffee brews decaf for the late night cup and for iced coffee during the day. The single cup brewer is for my morning cup of regular with breakfast and a second cup for the drive to work. These two cups are often followed much later at work with a third cup to give me a mid-day surge of energy.

Coffee is one of life’s best simple pleasures. A well brewed cup smells great with a heavenly olfactory sensation delivered before the cup reaches the lips. Anticipation heightens the pleasure. The taste changes as the cup is drunk and starts to cool off. I can have it hot or iced, black or with cream, but never without a sweetener. A pound of ground coffee can eliminate odors if stored in a paper bag in the offensive area or put in a refrigerator that will be off and closed during moving. A true multi-purpose item.

We now know that wine and chocolate are also good for you. But that statement comes with a disclaimer, indulge these with moderation. Recently we’ve read stories or seen on the TV news that many processed vegetables can become contaminated in the factory or by wild animals in the fields and can cause serious illnesses. And all these years I’ve believed my mother: eat your vegetables they are good for you and you’re too young for coffee.

Excuse me while I pour myself another cup of coffee to go with a piece of Iris’ delicious, homemade chocolate cake (see March 18 blog).

KISS: Kaffeine is Simply Spectacular

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  1. Maybe I should take up drinking; coffee that is!

  2. Pop Charlie never drank coffee either.

  3. I would much rather have a glass of juice, chocolate milk, water, or soda.