Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Today is Election Day in the United States and I will go out on a limb with my predictions for the Presidential elections.  Noise and din of points, plans, pundits, parties, PACs and the press will cease for a brief time.  The early hours of the day will start quietly as the official campaign activities finally ceases.  This quiet will change as the day progress.  

While the residents of New Hampshire might be digging out from the first snow storm of the year Hawaiians will be surfing.  There will be a clip of the first voters aired on TV from Dixville New Hampshire.  It is a shame that the last voters in Hawaii will not receive the same coverage.

As the polls start to close the analysis phase will begin.  Exit polls will be tallied and explanations of how women, men, blacks, whites, Hispanics, northerners, southerners, young and old voted.  There will be more voters at some locations, less voters elsewhere.  Poor turnout, early voters, delays and confusion will be the stories of the day.   A multitude of maps, charts, and of course the all pervasive blue and red colors will infuse the day’s stories with substance.  The sole result of the color use has been to divide the nation and create new meaning for gang colors.

By the end of the day a President will be first predicted, state by state; then confirmed and at the end of the day one man will concede, another will be victorious.  Wednesday, November 7 the sun will rise and with another full day of explanations, excuses and expletives (by some supporters of the losing candidate).

Of course, you knew all of the above.  The winner is …

What?  You thought I might announce the name of the winner.   How would I know?  I am just a poor blogger trying to fill space.  One thing is certain: this blog will continue despite who is elected and I will reveal previously unknown facts about the winner in a future piece. 

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  1. How did you know all this was gonna happen? I know, Ruby told you!!!

  2. I waited and now I know the answer! ;)

  3. Did you know that O'Bama is part Irish? (1/16 or less).

    He even has home brew beer in the Whitehouse.