Friday, August 24, 2012

Return of the Blog

It’s been two months since I last posted to my blog. 
My how time flies when you’re having fun or too busy.
In reality we can chalk it up to writer’s block, discouragement or a changed work environment.  Maybe just a bit of laziness also.  The reason is more complicated than a single item; the reality is the hiatus was a combination of all of those points and even a few more unknown reasons. 
I didn’t go to any meetings of the Sun Poets Writing Group meetings during the past two months.  Group meetings sounds like therapy.  Many writers are in therapy, just finished therapy, want to return to therapy or avoid therapy.  Some writers think writing is therapy, with or without a group.  A blog is self-therapy.  So you might say I am back in therapy for now. 
Last month I emerged from a long, self-imposed shell of not participating in community activities.  The reasons for my non-participation in communal activities are complicated and go back to the cause of my last career change in 2001.  The most prominent reason for my re-emergence was being asked and accepting to serve as a board member of a non-profit organization (Golden Manor) that aids senior citizens, at the right time in my life.  I had served on that board in the past when it operated a nursing home.  Now Golden Manor’s mission is completely changed.  The nursing home was sold and the role of Golden Manor has changed to that of an agency that provides grant money to other non-profits serving the senior community and providing some direct services.
Now back to the blog.  In October of 2011 I wrote about things seniors need.  The weakness of the logic in that blog was it was merely a list of separate items.  Each item was written as a stand-alone topic (and I even wrote two blogs about two of the items).  But life can’t be dissected into discrete segments.  Life is everything as a whole.  A magnifying glass or microscope can only fathom bits and pieces.  Analysis of life requires a wide-angle lens.
A fisherman with a pole and hook can only catch one fish at a time.  The fisherman with a net can cast into the sea and gather so much more.  Not just one fish or type of fish, but many fish and many different species of fish.  A few tires and plastic bottles in the process will be scooped up in the process.
So too, I must be like the fisherman with the net.  Throw the net out into the world and see what I can pull in or what will pull me out of rut.  So my list of ten items needs to be unified with a Zen-like approach.  Sentient beings need variety.  But we also need unity, a philosopher’s dilemma and a writer’s dream.  Interesting stuff to write is stuff worthwhile taking time to read.
“65 and Alive” is whatever I want.  Not just senior issues.  Not just an old fart pontificating. 
See you next week. 

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