Saturday, May 12, 2012



If I had the courage to put words on paper

if I had the talent and time I would,

if I were honest

Then I could.

If the path was easy

there wouldn’t be any tribulations,

just success and cheers

And admiration.

If time was abundant and endless

I could still be static and stagnant,

a statue carved of stone and plaster

a living fragment.

If, the great word, of defeat

Can stop my progress and tomorrow,

can create loss and pain

cause blame and sorrow.

If I allow its power to triumph

I would be an irrelevant being

if I were weak,

But, the words exist and I’m just beginning.

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  1. Now you're a poet! Add that to a writer, a photographer, and walker/runner/!!

  2. Next week will be normal blog. I dug through my older stuff to find IF.