Sunday, February 19, 2012

Walking and Writing Goal Updates (Changes)

No sooner than I posted my last blog, which was filled with boasts of my intentions to test race walking and with anticipation of upcoming race walk training sessions, than an email came with notice of the informal training session’s cancellation.  The weather forecast had gotten worse.  But in typical San Antonio fashion the threat was worse than the reality.  It was cold the next morning, but no precipitation.   The rain, sleet, freezing rain and snow missed us.  I went to health club instead to walk on the treadmill and then met Iris for breakfast.  Going out for a good plate of huevos rancheros after the workout lessened my disappointment and was a much more pleasurable learning experience.  Lesson one: plan B is sometimes more enjoyable in the short term.
I did meet the guru of local race walking on Wednesday night and commenced my first training session.  No one else showed up and I enjoyed the benefits of a one-on-one lesson.  Without going into details the guru spoke and I listened, he walked and I followed, and most importantly I learned.  Any activity is best learned under the tutelage of a good teacher, the real challenge is finding a good teacher.  I may have found the guru of race walking; the question now becomes am I a good student.

Today was class two.  I showed up early to get the lay of the area; not surprisingly the guru was already present and had been at the university campus long before I arrived.  Again I was the sole attendee and the next 45 minutes we walked and talked alone.  Observations about health, exercise, and race walking were the morning’s lessons.  My technique needs work, my general conditioning needs work, and my personal training goal has yet to be articulated.  Perhaps, I will continue as am doing now, or add more regular 5K walks and events, and possibly the addition of a longer event.  Is a half-marathon length walk possible?  I have decided not to decide until after the Texas Senior Games at the end of March.  Barring injury or inclement weather I will participate in both the 5K Race Walk for technique work and the 5K Road Race for time.  Wish me luck.

For now my routine and goals are flexible.  If I can’t write Saturday (those reasons will be written about soon), Sunday will work.  If the weather is too bad for an outdoors walk I’ll go to the health club instead.  But always have huevos rancheros for breakfast, which I did after my walk with my wife Iris at one of our favorite local restaurants.

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