Monday, January 16, 2012

Famous Old Folks

I was away from home this week and only had time for a short blog.  So here it is: a few brief thoughts on some prominent Senior Citizens and their work.  What a world this would be if we were half as productive as those listed below. 
Albert Einstein:  Taught until his death at the age of 75.  Some of his work was published after his death.
Thomas Edison:  Worked on a railroad electrification program until his death in 1934.  This project served commuters until 1984.
Benjamin Franklin:  While famous for his efforts during the War of Revolution he was governor of Pennsylvania at the age of 82 several years after the war.
George Burns:  Played God at the age of 80 and lived another 20 years.
Ronald Reagan:  Served as President of the United States at 70 years of age. 
Jimmy Carter:  Born in 1924, served as President of the United States at the age of 51.  Carter is still active today a statesman and humanitarian.
Dick Clark:  Happy New Year at 82.  I remember Americian Bandstand as a teenager, now Dick is still putting on a rockin’ show.
Betty White:  Entertaining to young and old at 89. 
Clint Eastwood:  The star of  Rawhide (the theme song is still recognizable today) starred or directed more movies than I can count or remember.  “Make my day.”
Sir Sean Connery:  He starred as the original James Bond fifty years ago.

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