Saturday, October 8, 2011

Why my wife's retirement is good for us.

This blog started with the thought that my wife’s retirement was good for me.  Six reasons flashed into my mind and then into my notes for this blog.  

  1. No more rushed dinners when I come home at the same time or just before her. 
  2. Reduced number of weekend supermarket trips. 
  3. She’s home when I come home, it feels like a 1950’s sitcom. 
  4. She can meet me for lunch.  
  5. A typical morning question before I go to work is, “What can I do you for you today?”  
  6. My laundry duty has been reduced to bringing a full basket to the laundry room in the morning. 
While all these points are true I realized it was a list of me, me, and more me.  Even the idea of a blog about why her retirement is good for me sounds a little narcissistic.  Why should I sound this way?  In an instant I switched my thoughts to why my wife’s retirement is good for her.

  1. She deserved it.  She’s worked long enough and maintained our family while working full time. 
  2. More time to devote to her needs, both physical and mental. 
  3. She’s home when I come home (sound familiar), which means she is not rushing to make dinner. 
  4. No need to prove her value.  She’s done it all and while she worked. 
  5. She can meet me for lunch (sound familiar).   Which we now do about once a month.  
  6. Someone has to take care of the dog, the most valuable member of our family.
We are both happier now that she is home.  It is a win, win position for both of us.  I prefer the situation as it is now, a pretend 1950’s sitcom without the kids, noisy neighbors, or calamities.  The real test will come when I am home on weekdays.  Will my retirement be good for me and our family dynamic?  I can’t wait to find out.  But that will have to wait a few more years.
KISS.  Keep it Sane Soul Mates.

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