Monday, September 19, 2011

Long Road to Life Style Changes (Part 2)

First 5K Outdoor Walk Event
Recently, with my niece’s encouragement and guidance, I found myself a local park on a Saturday morning participating in an organized 5K Walk / Run event.  My youngest son joined us and the next stage of my exercise regime began.  According to my marathon running niece I walked at a good pace and I even managed to shuffle along a few times.  Not quite a jog, but certainly not a walking pace.  We finished the course less than fifty minutes.  Not too shabby for my first outdoor attempt.  Of course, another 67 year old man ran past me.  (He earlier told us he started running at 64, and had completed four marathons).  Rather than depressing me, his performance gave me a little mental boost.  This run began six months ago and took less than an hour.  But it was a significant milestone in my changing health efforts.
Before the Event

Monday found me back on the treadmill; however, at that session I mixed walking and jogging.   Twice more that week I repeated the same routine.  These two sessions resulted in a two mile distance, of which I probably ran a half a mile.  Business or personal events that cause me to miss a day are just slight interruptions.  Missing a day doesn’t mean stopping. 

I looked at the event schedule for the local running club and decided to participate in another 5K event.  I plan to shuffle, jog or drag myself about one third of the course.  I have four weeks to get ready.   

My wife decided that she too needed to add exercise to her health improvement efforts.  She too started a treadmill routine at the health club and is determined to continue. 

My simple goals of basic diet and exercise changes created an unintended consequence.  My wife and I occasionally walk together.  We have another common activity to share.  Having a partner in lifestyle change programs is an important factor with its success.    

I’ve redoubled my diet commitment and my exercise regime will be reexamined.  I don’t believe that a marathon is in my future, but certainly more 5K events and perhaps longer distances lay in the road ahead.  Longer and faster, and simple has proved successful so far.

Look for a progress report soon.  In the meantime my advice is to KISS.  Keep it Simple Seniors.

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  1. when is the next walk? i am not using the gym as much since football started. i may try and use on the weekends.